Chickens Come Home

Nike is now suing someone named Lil Nas X. Apparently well known among post-adolescent teens, he has according to Nike, besmirched their lily white name by putting some blasphemous reference to Satan on their tennis shoes. Yes, we are talking about the same Nike who risked their company to support slave driven athletes who were only trying to make Americans aware of what a rotten, racist country they have.

Now I admit I don’t have a clue who Lil Nas X is. I believe he is something like R2D2 from Star Wars, but then again, why would Nike sue a robot? I know, I know! Before the day is out, I will probably find out what an important person he is. Now, while I don’t know much about Lil Nas, I do know about Nike. No other company can compare. They have pointed out America’s long history of racial abuses from day one, and if you want a worldwide model for corporate morality, it must be Nike.

It just goes to show you how there are actually a few good corporations. Nike is obviously not one of those greedy companies driven by money. No, unlike most giant corporate entities, they have a real conscience and want to make a difference in the world – especially in our sick America.

Unfortunately, in such a broken country it takes a lot of money to make a difference. Fighting the satanic forces that are threatening our children is not a cheap endeavor. Money that would normally be spent on nice tennis shoes for our kids, is now having to be spent on legal fees and how much it will eventually cost is anybody’s guess.

So, if you agree that we must support responsible corporations like Nike, please send whatever you can afford to #PoorNike.

P.S. Contributions under $100 are difficult to process, and no American Express please.

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